founded by Nikos & Marialena tsolka

Tsolka Architects is a creative architecture & construction practice based in Vouliagmeni, Athens. 

We are a team of architects, interior designers, civil engineers, and unique individuals who seek to bring an intuitive and creative approach to all aspects of the built environment, working across the fields of architecture, interior design, construction, and real estate development. 

Through years of practical experience we have created a distinctive portfolio of projects that fulfill a range of programmatic needs and built to various scales. Attention to detail and constant research are paramount in refining and innovating new ways to achieve the impossible, building virtuoso compositions of line and form. 

Our design principles are rooted in the classical traditions of modernism but embrace the dynamism and fluidity that contemporary construction can offer. We engage to an artistic sensibility that is visible throughout, stemming from the belief that beauty in architecture can be achieved only through an emotive, personal response to the project. 

As part of the architectural process, our designs work in harmony with the natural elements of the surrounding area and its history, understanding that each new building is but one piece of a larger urban and natural puzzle.

Our team challenges the idea of what modern architecture should be, working in collaboration with the client  and with experienced individuals on their field of expertise to create a bespoke architectural journey. For each interior programme we seek to create spatial narratives, crafted using our own unique design languages. We demonstrate a confidence and knowledge of working with traditional and modern materials, with furniture, decorative surfaces and lighting systems tailor-made and specified in-house.

Our practice designs and builds to the highest environmental standards, striving to maintain a lower carbon footprint throughout all stages of the construction process. Our detailed research into the emerging SMART technologies ensures the most efficient use of energy to ensure low emissions, as a move towards complete energy self-sufficiency.



7, Athinas Avenue, 16671 Kavouri-Vouliagmeni,
Athens, Greece +30 21 0896 0700


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